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Bio Frames

Dalia Matias, Brianne Anthony

In order to eliminate the use of plastic eyeglasses, the students created glasses frames from calcium carbonate, a material commonly found in nature. Bio Frames naturally decompose or can be added to coral reefs to help marine ecosystems thrive.



Diana Basquez, Randy Cepeda, Lakshmi Segura, Wilfreddy Suarez

Femme Bag

Mabarak Alcantara, Florina Gabriel, Jesliann Mercado, Ayanna Perez


Hector Estrella, Brian Paulino, Estrella Santiago

Universal Phone Case

Andre Alleyne, Yani McGlone, Jesus Ortega, Narisha Rambahal


Qiana Bratten, Jeremy Casso Garcia, Alanna German, Kayana Leung



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Sara Heymont

Sara Heymont has been teaching high school chemistry for 8 years. With her art and theatre design background, a focus of Sara’s curriculum has been on incorporating art and design into her chemistry content. Her current curriculum work focuses on expanding this interdisciplinary work to engage students in engineering practices by incorporating problem-solving through use of an engineering design cycle.