Our Vision

Grow the Future


Biotechnology is spreading into every aspect of our lives— from our materials to our everyday products.  As biotech becomes ubiquitous, it impacts lives in unknowable ways.

Until now, biotechnology has played an equivocal role in our society. Society needs interdisciplinary thinkers to come up with the next solutions and to help understand their impacts. BDC bridges art, design, and biotech to develop the first generation of professionals who cross disciplines, anticipate promises and pitfalls, and engage the public in dialogue about the broader implications of emerging biotech.

As the science finds its way into our lives and our products, future designers must fully understand the debates surrounding biotech so when they are asked to design with it, they do so thoughtfully and ethically. Simultaneously, showcasing the students’ work serves as an ideal opportunity to foster public dialog around biotech.

To this end, BDC’s goals are threefold: 1) to create a community of collaboration among artists, designers, and biologists; 2) seed the first generation of biodesigners
; and 3) build meaningful public dialogue about biotech and its uses.

We invite you into our community, and hope you’ll join us in this journey.


Yours truly,

Daniel Grushkin
Executive Director,
Biodesign Challenge

The Overall Prize - the Glass Microbe.

The Overall Prize - the Glass Microbe.