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Brecht De Paepe, Joris Putteneers, Arne Saldi, Bram Ulrichts, Kylian Vandamme, David Ysebaert

Aerolis is an air purifying artwork and organic structure that found its origin in algorithmic design. Its form mimics the air purifying properties of tree bark and incorporates data on wind velocities that enables it to grow in harmony with its surroundings.



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Marjan De Mey

Marjan De Mey is a professor of Metabolic Engineering and head of the Metabolic Engineering Group at the Centre of Synthetic Biology (CSB). Her expertise lies in industrial biotechnology, metabolic engineering, and synthetic biology.


Wim Van Criekinge

Wim Van Criekinge is a professor of Bio-informatics and head of the Laboratory for computational genomics and bioinformatics (Biobix) in the department of Data analysis and mathematical modelling. His expertise lies in bioinformatics, data-integration, and analysis, particularly in combination with high-throughput applications.

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