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Denise Hoffman Brandt, RLA is Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Landscape Architecture Program at the City College of New York and Principal of Hoffman Brandt Projects, LLC. Her work focuses on landscape as ecological infrastructure — the social, cultural, and environmental systems that generate urban form and sustain urban life.



Karin Block is a geochemist/petrologist conducting research in the way minerals evolve in geobiological, geothermal, and magmatic systems. Currently, her main focus is on the interaction between microbes and common low-temperature minerals (clays), the effect of clays on bacteria and virus viability, and how microbe-mineral aggregates stabilize organic and inorganic metabolic products in aquatic and soil environments. In Karen’s other research she uses structural analysis of minerals to interpret the degree of low-grade metamorphism in geothermal clays. In her high-temperature research, she focuses on how mineral structure, chemistry, and rock texture can be used to reconstruct the crystallization history of mafic intrusions and extrusive flows in the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP). Lastly, Karen is also involved in the development of cyberinfrastructure (geoinformatics portals and databases) as a collaborator in the IEDA Facility at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.



Banner image: Michael D. Beckwith, The Leeds Library