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Biopolis / Biopoly

Alex Kent, Cash Langford, Anton Cullo, Rujuta Naringrekar, Tiffany Wong, Natalie Galarza, Gabi Garcia, Anna McKeigue, Nina Medkovich 

With the support of research presented by Sandrine Ellero-Simatos, Integrative Toxicology and Metabolism Team at ToxAlim Research Center in Food Toxicology at the National Institute for Agricultural Research in Toulouse, France, the Biopolis team researched the parallel microscopic worlds of the urban landscape and the human gut. 

Bacteria work from within us and around us, influencing every aspect of our lives. Biopolis is presented as the next paradigm, pushing past the biotically destructive totalizing “sanitary city” by accepting uncertainty and equally-prioritizing all life forms within an ecosystem that ranges from the microscopic to the cosmic. 




Denise Hoffman Brandt

Denise Hoffman Brandt, RLA is Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Landscape Architecture Program at the City College of New York and Principal of Hoffman Brandt Projects, LLC. Her work focuses on landscape as ecological infrastructure — the social, cultural, and environmental systems that generate urban form and sustain urban life.

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Matthew Seibert

Matthew Seibert is a Lecturer at City College of New York’s Spitzer School of Architecture and a founding principal at Landscape Metrics, a visualization studio specializing in transforming data into compelling visual narratives. Current research interests are grounded in representation of place, including dynamic cartography, parafictional histories of flood control infrastructure, and the leveraging of video game development engines. Matthew’s work has earned recognition from both private and governmental institutions, as well as a variety of media outlets.