California College of the Arts

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Peter Pham, Maria Ulloa

With the San Francisco Seawall being considered for retrofitting, ReefScape proposes a solution that creates an interface between people and the ecosystem within the Embarcadero. The modular design creates a porous soft edge along the piers and a habitat for oysters by using novel biomaterials.


Mussel City

Mithila Jagtap, Cristian Laurent

To provide an optimized habitat for mussels in the contaminated waters of the San Francisco Bay, Mussel City creates an exterior modular column that attaches to the legs of the San Francisco piers, a common resting place for the mussels.


Vertical Shore

Joshua Eufinger, Lori Martinez

Vertical Shore seeks to mediate the loss of spawning habitats for the Pacific Herring by creating a vertical system that reinforces the human infrastructure of the San Francisco Bay while creating a bridge between existing beds of eelgrass.




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Evan Jones

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Evan Jones studied architectural history, philosophy, and urbanism at Vassar College. He worked for the City of New York prior to earning a Master of Architecture degree from UC Berkeley, where his final project focused on a full scale permanent exhibit area in the school lobby.

Evan is currently Adjunct Professor of Architecture at CCA where he has taught integrated advanced studios for the last 12 years.