University of Michigan

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Jesse Adler, Robert Gotham, Michael Moon, Alexa Smith, Evan Vollick-Offer

Gnosis is a two-fold sexual wellness campaign aimed at destigmatizing sexually transmitted infections. Condoms utilize red cabbage as a natural pH indicator to create a lubricant that visually detects STI sores, while free workshops encourage open, confident, and honest conversations between partners.



Sarah McNamara, Chelsea Markus,, Siena McKim, Gilly Yerington

Chitonet is a more sustainable fishing net made from chitosan and other biomaterials.

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Kelsey Segasser, Yiyi Gao, Justine Abbo, Liana Smale, Henry Olstein

Ecto is a speculative medical company that aims to revolutionize the pain medication industry by eliminating addicting drugs & habits.



Lumiflage is a speculative cosmetics line that uses bioluminescence to protect against unwanted facial recognition surveillance.



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Dr. Deepa Butoliya

Dr. Deepa Butoliya holds a doctorate in design. She has a background in Architecture and industrial Design and has taught course in Industrial Design and Speculative Design. Her research interest lies in exploring futures from multiple perspectives including those who are marginalized.