RXN Wristband

Jenny Filipetti, Andrew Henderson, Stephen Lewis, & Alex Swanson

RXN Wristband glows when a user’s blood alcohol content is over the legal limit to drive. It can be grown sustainably and biomanufactured at scale. Designers utilize the wearable as a platform for building and adding biosensors for new metrics. Learn more about RXN Wristband.


Heather Underwood is an Assistant Professor and the Associate Director of Inworks at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. She is also the co-founder of Denver Biolabs, Colorado’s first DIY-bio community lab, which provides accessible synthetic biology education, labs, and project space to the greater Denver area. Heather teaches courses and workshops in human-centered design, computer science, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, and information and communication technologies for global development. Her research interests include exploring the potential of interdisciplinary education and effective collaboration to solve complex global issues; developing novel, low-cost, and effective health-promoting and health-restoring devices; and innovating in the areas of biotechnology, human longevity, and digital health.


Banner image: Michael D. Beckwith, The Leeds Library