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Sabah Khan, Nealah Lee, Nadiah Mohammed, Elisa Morillo

BioBandage is a biodegradable, zero-waste bandage. It is composed of gauze made from bacterial cellulose and aerogel from freeze-dried SCOBY that is infused with Vitamin K and lavender oil to promote healing.



Tammie Tam, Kathryn Tarver, Skyler Bala, Kylie Jackson

Kompostable is a compostable milk or juice carton made from bacterial cellulose grown on citrus agricultural waste and coated in beeswax, so that after use, the carton can be returned to soil to decompose and feed more plants.

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Maddie Handy, Karina Mandujano, Pamela Muñoz

Uflora is a biodegradable feminine hygiene pad with compostable wrapper. It is made from an agar and glycerol external layer, with bacterial cellulose aerogel absorbent layer, with bacterial cellulose and cotton internal layer. It also will have properties that allow it to help counteract bacterial vaginosis.



Shailaja Chadha, Kyle Krueger, Elizabeth Marley, Bopan Ni

Nanobuddy is a small portable partially biodegradable handheld device that uses bio-based nanobodies to detect toxicity in water, which is signaled through pressure rather than sight so that it can be used by the visually impaired or in the dark.


Myco Flight

Daniella Schoenfeld, Kiyomi Sun, Christian Tveitnes, Eldy Lazaro Vasquez

Mycoflight is a lightweight, biodegradable airplane seat cushion created from mushroom mycelium foam grown from agricultural waste.

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Lily Karim, Sonia Lee, Cindy Law, Anna Guillermo

Soya is a redesigned hospital or doctor’s office gown that is user-friendly in terms of privacy and comfort for patients and access for medical providers. It is made from soy protein and bacterial cellulose.

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Christina Cogdell

Christina Cogdell is Chair and Professor of the Department of Design at UC Davis. She studies the intersections of biological theory and practice with design and architecture, having just published Toward a Living Architecture? Complexism and Biology in Generative Design (2018). She teaches a regular course on Biodesign Theory and Practice and also this two-quarter course for the Biodesign Challenge competition.

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Dave Furlow

Dave Furlow is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Director of the University Honors Program, and Professor of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. His research studies the molecular basis of hormone action, particularly during development, including analysis of gene expression programs during morphogenesis, and genome editing in model organisms.