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Sergio Gonzalez, Jolee Nieberding-Swanberg, Annie Wang, Julie Xu

Disposable diaper waste contributes to 3.4 million tons of landfill waste annually and are typically made of fossil-fuel derived plastics. Sorbit is a fully biodegradable diaper made out of bacterial cellulose grown from citrus agricultural waste. The material is soft, water-repellant on the outside, and absorbent on the inside.



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Christina Cogdell

Christina Cogdell is Chair and Associate Professor of Design at UC Davis. Her research examines crossovers in theory and practice between biology and evolution with the fields of architecture and design, from the late nineteenth century to the present.


Marc Facciotti

Marc Facciotti is Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis. His research examines how structures and dynamics of gene regulatory networks have evolved to regulate complex phenotypes. He is Director of the TEAM Molecular Prototyping and Bioinnovation Laboratory and has led UC Davis to compete at iGEM in previous years.