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Mite be Poppy Seeds

Katrina DeWitt, Tessa Ecker, Victoria Lek, Regan McGrory, Doaa Ouf, Taylor Vincent

Flour beetles are able to use industrial grain supplies as a habitat because their eggs are so small that they are able to survive the milling process unharmed. The project proposes farming flour beetles for food. By adding beetles to commercially produced flour, the team seeks to add protein to consumer diets.



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Elizabeth Demaray

Elizabeth Demaray builds listening stations for birds that play human music, cultures lichen on the sides of skyscrapers in New York City, and fabricates floraborgs, robotic supports that allow potted plants to freely navigate in a domestic environment. Demaray is currently an Associate Professor of Fine Arts and head of the sculpture concentration at Rutgers University, Camden where she teaches classes in sculpture, physical computing, art/sci collaboration, and eco-art. On the Rutgers New Brunswick campus, she is an advisor at the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which is a platform for the artistic use of machine learning and computer vision.