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Nicole Esquieres, Jacky Fang, Matthew Modica, Kristine O'Loughlin, Georga Stewart

A microplastics filtration system that can be retrofitted to pre-existing washing machines, Enzer uses fine filters along with a powder that breaks down plastic using enzymes from the Ideonella sakaiensis bacterium.



Chien Jui Huang, Steven Alexander Rollis, Ina Lim Yi Yeung

The project proposes the development of biofuel processors that deacidify seawater along the coast of South Australia. The processors incorporate kelp in the production of carbon-neutral biofuels.



Tria Amalia Ningsih, Elaine Regina, Wai Yin Tat, Jorge Mario Castillo Velasquez

Symbiome proposes the construction of an artificial mangrove to protect Jakarta from ocean flooding that simultaneously desalinates water. The superstructure mimics the trunk of the mangrove, while the infrastructure mimics the roots. The project is aimed to rebuild a symbiotic relationship between humans and mangroves.



Amber Guo, Sharon Li, Ali Nemati, Louisa Petti

Chitozone is a temporary medical shelter made of chitosan and other natural waste products.



Rebecca Francis, Alexander Jardel, Hege Ynn Jodal

Chromato is a biomimicry project that aims to promote a healthy sleep cycle by mimicking daylight exposure through built structures within a city.



Rongxia (Sunnie) Liang, Marcel Tjiang, Yanze (Lean) Li

HU is a bacterial bio detector and phone app that detects chemicals in the user’s breath in order to output personalized dietary recommendations. Hu aims to become a vital communication tool in better helping people understanding their health and nutrition.



Vaibhav Bansal, Mitch Clark, Gabby Farnham, Shaye Singline, Shawn Wang

Lavage is a laundry detergent tablet that serves as a mosquito repellant to be used in parts of the world where malaria is still prevalent.



P.O.M., or Piece of Mind, is a home testing kit that tests for the influenza virus.



Samuel Himawan, Shixuan Wu, Fu Xi, Xiaoxi Xu

Puritower is a water tower that helps filter water in areas with poor water quality.


RCF (Enzoa)

RCF, or Responsible Community Farming, is a campaign to raise awareness about and combat food waste. The RCF hubs serve multiple purposes including acting as compost facilities and community gardens.



Lauren Hart McKinnon, Cecillia Huynh, Khushboo Jethmalani, Angus Thomson

SCALE, which stands for Synthetic Collagen and Lipid Epidermis, is a biodegradable bandage made with natural ingredients.


The Bio Cocoon

Olivia Fagan, Daamini Krishnasamy, Sayali Tarnekar, Laura

The Bio Cocoon is a biodegradable sleeping bag made from banana tree bark and other natural materials.


The New Layer

The New Layer is an alternative hygiene product for women that is bioconstructed and biodegradable.



Ollie 600x600 - Ollie Cotsaftis.jpg

Ollie Cotsaftis

Ollie Cotsaftis is the founder and creative director of future ensemble, a post-disciplinary and speculative design studio operating at the intersection of the human experience, the built environment, and the realm of creative technologies­. Exploring the boundaries of disciplines, future ensemble designs preferable futures and crafts bespoke and relevant brand, product, service, system, venture, and spatial experiences. Ollie is also a RMIT University School of Design Industry Fellow, experiments with new ideas through his visual art practice, and most recently, co-founded the Melbourne chapter of Speculative Futures, an international network for those interested in futurism and design fiction.


Dr. Leah Heiss

Dr. Leah Heiss is a designer and RMIT academic working at the nexus of design, health, and technology. Her practice traverses device, service and experience and her process is deeply collaborative, working with experts from nanotechnology and health services through to manufacturing. Her wearable health technologies include Diabetes Jewellery; biosignal sensing emergency jewellery; and swallowable devices to detect disease. Facett, the world’s first modular hearing aid that Leah designed for Blamey Saunders hears won the 2018 Good Design Award, the CSIRO Design Innovation Award and several iAwards. In total Leah has won five Good Design Awards and a Victorian Premier’s Design Award.

J.J. Hastings

Bio-hacker, artist, and researcher, J.J. Hastings fuses and folds together the fields of biology (tissue engineering, genomics), informatics (machine learning), and new media art. She is alumna of New York University, Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and Central Saint Martins with advanced degrees in Biology, Fine Art, and Bioinformatics. J.J.’s career in scientific research spans over a decade and rooted in her longstanding roots as a bio-hacker. Her artwork has been exhibited across Europe, India, Asia, North America, and Australia. She teaches an array of subjects in science, design, and art at RMIT and the University of Melbourne.


Emma Luke

Emma Luke has an extensive design background in accessories, design, and fabrication, specialising in watches, bags, jewelry, and wearables. She has collaborated with other brands, formed her own label, owned a store, produced collections, and consulted on various projects.

Emma is currently completing a PhD focused on post digital craft which explores emerging constructs of multimodal design practice and new processes of creating and visualising hybrid personal objects. This enquiry aims to challenge digital obsolescence and the loss of lasting cultural narratives through the creation of auratic objects manifested in a series of multifaceted generative objects and design projects.