Maryland Institute
College of Art




Starter Culture

Gage Branda, Sarah Whelton, Jake O'Hagan, Emma Whitlock

A biomaterials starter kit designed to introduce makers to the expansive world of biomaterials, the contents of the Starter Culture kit, which include bioplastics, mycelium and silk proteins, can be propagated and shared among makers.



Anna Brancaccio, Catie Buhler, Sam Kendrick, Besan Khamis

A floating, mesh bullseye contains bioengineered algae that produce secondary fish products like fishmeal and oils.


Baywatch Bay Blocks

Esther Kim, Mika Rosenberg, Andrew Flanders, Sanskruta Chakravarthy

Calcium carbonate oyster habitats, Bay Blocks was developed for hobbyist oyster gardeners to collaboratively rebuild oyster beds on the East Coast.  




Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover is an artist and researcher operating at the intersection of digital fabrication, biological systems, and traditional crafts. He leads an interdisciplinary research group on bioprinting at the Baltimore Under Ground Science Space, where he also serves as a board member. He co-organizes the Bioprinting Breakout, an annual conference on bioprinting and tissue engineering that fosters exchange between the fields of medicine, science, engineering, design, art, and civics.

Hoover holds an MFA in interdisciplinary art from MICA's Mount Royal School and a dual BFA in Sculpture and Philosophy from UNC Asheville. As faculty in MICA's Interdisciplinary Sculpture department, he leads innovative classes in digital fabrication and other emerging technologies.