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The Plastic Revolution

Morgan Fletcher, Hannah Loughlin, Amanda Pierce, Michelle Stevens

A two-part kit where the first component, the microLUMI, is a small spectrometer and networked monitoring device that illuminates plastics in drinking water as a way of educating consumers about plastic pollution in homes. The second component is the microEater, which degrades plastic using oyster mushrooms and coffee grounds.



Alejandro Caimares, Marianicy Cruz, Angelina Richardson, Vathay Yaing

Currently, all products on the market that claim to be waterproof contain Perfluorocarbon chemicals, or PFCs, which are considered highly toxic. Caddie-Adhē aims to harness the beneficial characteristics of caddisfly silk for practical waterproof applications in clothing and beyond.



Julius Gordon, Julia Harrington, Matthew Charles Knight, Alicia Miller

Cantaleather uses cantaloupe skin to offer an animal-free alternative to leather that is created in a more environmentally safe way compared to the processes used to tan and treat traditional leather.



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Jennifer Varekamp

Jennifer Varekamp is a Costume and Clothing Designer committed to sustainability. She received her ED.M from Harvard University and her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has also studied at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy and at the London College of Fashion.