Keio University




Biiden Kobo

Garrett Russo, Nozomi Nambu, Dana Alami, Gaby Siman, Brandon Terrien, Jared Dalcourt, Cendikia Lufitha, Hazar Gizem, Yohei Fuse, Romy Snijders, Moses Rowen, Niles Fromm, Siyu Zhang, Gao Lijun, Ratu Anaji

By utilizing the latest developments of genetic engineering, Biiden Kobo proposes producing organic, naturally-derived cosmetics, pigments, and biodegradable lab-grown packaging to reduce pollution and human exposure to toxins found in cosmetics.




Matthew Waldman

Over 30 years of interdisciplinary design work has made Matthew Waldman an authority on branding, interactive, digital, and product design. His philosophy of techno-progressivism promotes the synthesis of culture, nature, and technology into an holistic language for universal communication. Matthew Waldman is the founder of NOOKA – the lifestyle design brand that brought the revolution of interface design to physical products and created unique timepieces that reinterpreted how time was told. Before NOOKA, Matthew gained recognition as a pioneer in digital interactive and UX design.