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Pauline Jourdan, Esther Bapsalle, Naiane Ribeiro Rios

Minima is a set of ceramic and glass tools for sensing DNA in food. Everything we eat contains a specific DNA signature. Biologists have found a way to detect those signatures with a blend of enzymes, nutrients, and specific DNA sequences, producing a color-change reaction.

We have packaged this cutting-edge biotechnology into a simple piece of kitchen equipment. The result is a next-generation household appliance: simple, affordable, familiar. Minima will empower anyone who who keeps a specific diet and everyone who is curious about food.




Marguerite Benony

Marguerite Benony is a Ph.D student in Design in Paris, investigating the future of research laboratories in Life Sciences at Paris Diderot University. She questions, by an anthropological description, what is a research laboratory today, looking at its past forms and its fictional representation, in order to think the forms of tomorrow.


Jake Wintermute

Jake Wintermute is a researcher at the CRI in Paris, where he teaches Introduction to Synthetic Biology for Master’s students. He is the creator and lead teacher for syntheticbiology1.com, a free open online course. His research interests include the biology of aging, genetic circuits to support drug discovery, and the human skin microbiome.