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Dr. Andrew Scarpelli is a trained molecular biologist with expertise in microbiology and synthetic biology. Andrew is focused on being an essential resource for students interested in biology at large. He believes understanding biology permeates all aspects of our lives and decisions, from choices as simple as what we eat to as complex as understanding our genetic predisposition for diseases and disorders. Andrew is especially interested in where science plays an integral role in society at large, particularly on how biology interacts with art, politics, and cultural trends. Andrew is actively involved in multiple aspects of community involvement in the City of Chicago. He has experience volunteering at Lincoln Park Conservancy, Science Club, the Alliance for the Great Lakes, and as leadership at the CHIditarod. Andrew is one of the founders and lead organizers of ChiTownBio, Chicago's first community biolab, reflecting his interest and involvement in the DIY biology movement. 



Alan Strathmann is an artist, musician, and educator in Chicago, Illinois. He performs and records music and installs custom artwork(s) locally and around the world. As part of his practice he teaches Audio Production, Sound Art, Digital Arts, and Introductory college colloquium for incoming undergraduate students.



Banner image: Michael D. Beckwith, The Leeds Library