Fast Company Features Projects from Biodesign Challenge

Fast Company features projects from the Biodesign Challenge Summit 2016 in The Future of Biotech in Design? Spiders, Slime, and Fungus. Read below for an excerpt. 

The Future of Biotech in Design? Spiders, Slime, and Fungus by Meg Miller

"A jacket grown from microbes. A chair made of the fungus mycelium. Perfume concocted from "designer" baker's yeast. As one-offs, these projects may seem far flung and wildly experimental, but together they point to a new movement within the design world.

Known as biodesign (or biotechnology, or bioengineering, depending on how you slice it) it's a field that marries the scientific know-how of biologists with the big-picture thinking of artists and designers. Leaders in this field—companies like Modern Meadows, a startup that grows leather in a lab, or the experimental architecture firm Terreform One—have already created successful businesses designing with living organisms, and the industry is growing."

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Mutua by SCI-Arc

Mutua by SCI-Arc

Alison Irvine