Join Biodesign Challenge 2020


Join an international competition and education program that introduces students to the intersections of biotechnology, art, and design. 

By registering for the competition, your university or high school is guaranteed a spot in the Biodesign Challenge. Participating students will have multiple opportunities:



Develop projects that explore biotechnology's role in sustainability, fashion, agriculture, architecture, biomaterials, medicine, water, ethics, and more.


Compete for awards such as the Glass Microbe, Outstanding Science, Outstanding Social Critique, sponsored prizes, and more.

Expert Mentorship

Partner with select experts to envision the future of biotech. Delve into the science and the emerging issues associated with its use.

Library + Webinars

Access our online library of articles and take part in interactive webinars hosted by leading industry experts.


Present projects onstage at the two-day BDC Summit in New York City before an audience of prominent artists, designers, curators, scientists, and entrepreneurs.


Interested in registering your classroom?

Click on "Rules" to review our judging rubric. Click on "Registration" to read all requirements to register for the Biodesign Challenge.


Please reach out to us with questions. We'll be in touch with you to follow up about your inquiry.

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