Welcome BDC 2018 Instructors!

Congratulations on joining the Biodesign Challenge 2018. This year, thirty universities from across the globe will take on the challenge. 

The Biodesign Challenge (BDC) offers art and design students the opportunity to envision the future applications of biotechnology in a competition that highlights student work. BDC’s goals are threefold: to prepare young artists and designers to work with emerging biotech; to build collaborations between artists, designers, and biologists; and to engage the public with visions of the future of biotechnology.

Over the course of the 2018 spring semester, 30 university classrooms of art and design students from around the world will partner with biologists and subject-matter experts to explore novel uses of biotechnology and the potential impact of those applications. At the end of the year, each university will choose one team to showcase its project at the BDC Summit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


Daniel Grushkin, Program Director

Alison Irvine, Program Manager

Veena Vijayakumar, Program Associate  


BDC staff is available to give feedback on student projects throughout the semester but meetings must be scheduled two weeks in advance. 


BDC 2018 Instructor Resources

Online Library of Curriculum Materials 

Recommended Readings

Biodesign Basics Curriculum Guide - LINK

Course Summary Form

Download Form

Please submit form to airvine@genspace.org by December 15th. 

Sample Curricula

Echo Chic: Living Art, Fall 2015
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Professor Kathy High

Syllabus 1 

Reading List

Integrative Design Studio: Biological Design, Fall 2015
University of Pennsylvania
Orkan Telhan and Karen Hogan 

Syllabus 2

Reading List

Curriculum Development Sessions

Dan and Alison will introduce BDC’s online library of curriculum materials and discuss helpful readings for building your syllabi.

November 16th - Join Meeting 

November 28th - Join Meeting 

December 6th - Join Meeting

BDC 2018 Important Dates


Fall Semester

September 5th: First round of registration opens.

September 12th: Second round of registration opens

November 6th: Registration closes

Professors receive a welcome email with a link to our online library. We require them to complete a short form so our staff can begin matching them with relevant scientific experts. Due December 15th.

November 16th, November 28th, December 6th: Curriculum Development Sessions

Dan and Alison will introduce BDC’s online library of curriculum materials and discuss helpful readings for building your syllabi.

December 15: Class Description and Theme Form Due

Once the form has been submitted, professors will receive a suggested list of resources relevant to their theme and will be paired with scientific experts.


Spring Semester

January - February: BDC 2018 Classes begin

February 5th: Syllabus and names and emails of participating students due

February 6th, 12pm EST: Welcome Webinar

BDC organizers welcome participating universities to BDC 2018. The presentation will be recorded.

February TBA: Webinar

March TBA: Webinar

April 2nd: Midterm Check-In

April TBA: Webinar Session

April 20: Teams declare that they are competing for individual Special Prizes (PETA Prize for Animal Free Wool, Food and Agriculture Prize)

June 4: Submit all Team Presentations and & Description forms

June 15: Final Presentations and Video File Submission (no exceptions)

Teams are required to submit their final presentations over Google Drive in either PPT or Keynote with separate video files. Late submissions will not be accepted.

June 19 - 20: Gallery Installation

June 21 - 22: BDC Summit 2018

Past Scientific Mentors

Titles and bios